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After a professional dry cleaning white jacket is now beige - normal?


I have a Mango white jacket I just love. I have used a few times so I wanted to clean it. I took it to a professional to perform a dry cleaning on the jacket. I went to get my jacket today and it is now beige when before was white (the diference is massive). Looks like it was used for ten years! In the dry cleaning store I was told that this sometimes happens with white jackets, because the fabric reacts to the products they use to clean it. My question is: should I believe the man or did he just ruin my jacket and is trying to mislead me? I feel that he doesn't want to take responsability for what he did.

What should I do to get my jacket white again?

Thank you!!

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Try this link to an answer from a professional dry cleaner: http://www.quora.com/How-can-I-get-my-wh...

Why does dry cleaning turn clothes dingy gray?

If you are a frequent dry cleaning customer, you may have noticed that sometimes your lighter colored garments come back dingy or grayish in color after dry cleaning. This problem is most often caused by a process called “redeposition”.

The cause of redeposition is very similar to what happens to bath water when you take a bath, you become cleaner and the water becomes dirtier. When clothes are dry cleaned, the dirt, oil, and grime on the dirty clothes is removed and then becomes suspended in the dry cleaning solvent. Redeposition occurs when the suspended soil is “re-deposited” onto garments in subsequent loads. There is often a faint but very unpleasant odor associated with redeposition. It smells like a cross between body odor, stinky feet, and rotting fish.

Dry cleaning solvent is very expensive, so its typically filtered, distilled, recycled, and reused many times. Many higher quality dry cleaners avoid redeposition by continually distilling or “cooking” their solvent, so each load of clothes is cleaned with fresh solvent. However, continually distilling solvent is expensive. So, some cleaners (especially the one price, deep discount, economy cleaners) save money by waiting as long as possible before they distill their solvent. Fresh solvent should be clear, but I’ve seen some cleaners using solvent as dark as black coffee. It’s really gross!

There is some good news. The dingy gray color and foul odor caused by redeposition can often be removed by dry cleaning the garment in fresh solvent. When shopping for a new cleaner, ask them how often they distill their solvent. “Continually” is the best answer.

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I say that either way it is his fault. If he has a business that specializes in this then he should know what to do. I say that you go back and demand either a refund or for them to fix or repay you for the jacket. I believe that in these conditions you are the victim.

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