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Angekündigt im März 2015, erschien das Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge am 10. April 2015, als die Version mit gekrümmtem Bildschirm von Samsung neustem Flaggschiff-Smartphone.

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Changing the home button : will the fingerprint still work?


I was before a technician in smartphone fixes but I'm now done with this.

A friend asked me to replace her broken Samsung S6 Edge screen. Her original screen is white but she want to change for a gold one.

I couldn't find any information on the internet about the fingerprint sensor. Does it still work after a replacement ? Because I know it's not the case for Apple branded phones.

If someone has already experienced a home button with fingerprint sensor swap on a Samsung phone, please let me know if it still worked after you were done with your job.

Thanks :)

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Hi, i would like to know if i have to replace the Home Button on the Samsung S7 will the fingerprint continue to work? If yes is there any criteria i must look into when buying the Home Button? Since same is not available in shops here i will need to order from Ebay or Aliexpress. Thanks for your reply.

PS: the paint on my S7 Home Button has been completely peeled, it is appearing black and fingerprint unrecognised.


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I successfully swapped out the home button assembly on a friends S6 Edge, worked just as well as it did before (Same Situation, wanted white screen)

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It can work, just go ahead to replace it.

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Unfortunately mine didnt work :(

S7 screen replaced with new homebutton - now fingerprint doesnt work.

Any tips?

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Si sólo se reemplaza el botón, y está funcional el puerto de carga, la huella digital debiera funcionar bien.


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