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The eighth generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer.

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Removal and Install ac Compressor

removal of ac compressor

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Purcell Hamilton, first you want to make sure that you get the refrigerant removed from the AC.

Remove the drive belt

Block Image

Loosen the bolt securing the drive belt.

Loosen the adjusting bolt and remove the drive belt.

Block Image

Remove the compressor.

Disconnect the electrical connector from the compressor.

Remove the two bolts holding the liquid line and discharge line to the compressor.

Disconnect the lines from the compressor by pulling them out.

Remove the four bolts holding the compressor to the engine/support bracket.

The compressor can now be removed.

Install in reverse order. Remove that you will need to have the right amount of compressor oil added to the compressor and that you need a vacuum pump on the lines to make sure that all humidity etc. is removed.

Decent video right here should help.

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Does this method apply to the 2004 Mitsubishi outlander?


scain81dt the compressor removal is identical. The differnce is that the drivebelt is differnet and needs to be removed slightly different.


Ok Thanks! oldturkey03 i have rattling and i think i saw sparks coming from my ac compressor should I replace the compressor or just the clutch ?


scain81dt I'd go with what is easier to obtain. Just repalced a compressor on an F-150 and the difference in price for repalcement with clutch and without was negliable. I repalced the whole beast since I had to take it off anyway. Again, all just a mater of economics. If you want to disassemble it etc. let me know by email if you need the manual. My address is in my user profile. click on my avatar to get there


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