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GRUB or Linux / no Boot

Crunchbang Linux reason for impossibility of boot (maybe GRUB)

-Partitioniert + Reset (apple+alt+p+r) done.

-Mac OSX shows 3.6 TB Platte (instead of 500GB)

-Error messaging when trying to Disk Utilities with Mac OSX

-Crunchbang Live CD can run

-Lubuntu saysKernel Panik; Elementary OS CD shuts down; Ubuntu Live CD shuts down; Knoppix shuts down most of the time

Macbook Pro 2006 1.83Gh Intel Duo Core

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its solved now. kept the laptop in a friends place and it fell probably! afterwards it worked normally...


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I've been able to run uBuntu 14 and uBuntu Mate on an 06 MacBook Pro A1150. Are you trying to do a dual system boot or just install Linux? Haven't tried the other versions you spoke of. With uBuntu, I used the alternate install disk and it worked just fine.

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i did install linux lubuntu (missing video driver), ubuntu (fine but sometimes slow) and crunchbang.

But the crunchbang install made it impossible to boot. Only a Live Cd of Crunchbang works now.

The MacOS X Cd shows a 3.6TB drive where a 500GB is supposed to be.

Is there maybe a different way to reset the macbook other then p+r+alt+apple?

I cant enter a bios with this macbook. Some boot parameter must have been changed, so othere live Cds of linux also dont work anymore...



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If all else fails, I was able to install linux by booting the live cd in another computer, removing the harddrive from the MacBook Pro, plugging it into the first computer via a usb cable, and installing that way.

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