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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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New piston rings...now what?

So after 4 sets of rings I finally got them in without breaking them. I was able to really clean the exhaust port and replace the smashed metal exhaust gasket. It gave me 1 mph more but acceleration is a lot better. When I hit 25 mph it feels like it's governed. It stops accelerating right there. I'm not sure what else I can do to get to the stock 28-30 mph so I can start adding some aftermarket intake/exhaust parts. Any ideas?

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Any governing on these will be done through restrictions on the carb. You can try increasing the size of the jets. Or maybe get some increase by opening the Jet screws on the carb. You can also decrease the amount of oil in the fuel oil mix but this will greatly increase the risk of killing the engine. Never go beyond 100 to1 mix. You can also get a little increase in speed by decreasing drag . Make sure tires are up to proper pressure and take any drag out of the brake by adjusting them and greasing wheel bearings so everything runs smooth. Keep your chain snug so there's not slop. Just a few ideas Hope this helps

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This is a good answer except for the part of cutting the fuel oil mixture . This is not advisable


What about ATF type F in the gear box? I heard this or 10-30 will give you 3-5 mph more than the guide recommended 20-40 and only 300ml of it not 500. It makes sense that ATF is made for this type of application so you'd think it would work better than motor oil.


This is fine if your not going long distance but if you heat the gearbox the light oil will not give you the protection that gear oil does. If you do want to use a lighter oil make sure its a synthetic


I figured it out J-Fix. I did get about 1 mph more running typed F but I took off the intake and it didn't bog on the high end. It was 4 stroking as soon as I hit 25 mph. I don't mix my fuel and cut off the oil line so I know I lose a little there. The stock intake is going to get some holes. Any recommendation on how big, where, and how many? Once that's done I need to dial in the carb and I should be good......until I get a simonini pipe and put a 60cc kit in. Lol. Bought this thing for $40 and have put in about $700 more. The cost of a Labor of love....


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Hey. I'm a mechanic so I know engines. Problem with yours is the same as you trying to breath through a straw. All you need to do is change your air filter to one that will let it suck air easier. K&N have a great range and definitely one to fit your bike. The other is exhaust fumes. You gotta clear all old engine breath so it can continue exhaling easy. That means a new. Exhaust pipe called an expansion chamber. Once you do them, you'll see a difference. If you wanna go further, try polishing all the ports. That's the seat where the valves sit. Polish them up smooth, also any lips and edges that protrude at the mouth of the carb. It aids airflow down the throat of the carb.

Airflow flows faster over flat surfaces then ridged surfaces.

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