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Product was released in 2009 by Presto. It can be found with Model number 04820.

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Why did my hot air popper stop working mid-use?

The hot air popper was working fine and then it suddenly shut off. Why did it do this and what should I do?

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The engineers at presto had a delicate balancing act. Too hot and it could start a fire. chances are you were trying to make more than a half of cup of popcorn and live at an altitude greater than 2000’. In addition to the thermal fuse a thermal switch was installed to prevent overheating. All testing for Presto was completed in EuClaire Wisconsin (low Altitude). My 10 yr old daughter tested ours out at many different altitudes and found that the fan they installed only works as designed in denser air (low altitude). If you live in Denver Colorado or Park City Utah a half cup is all you’ll ever get out of it before extensive cooling is required.

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Thank you! I was about to trash it, but this solves the mystery. Works fine with no popcorn. Was shutting off after a few seconds when overloaded and living at high altitude!


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If the popper is plugged into the appropriate outlet, and the power cord has been thoroughly checked then the motor could be bad. To fix this issue change the motor.

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The poplite does have a thermostat on it as a safety function. If you pop too much too often, the unit will get too hot and will stop.


What if it doesn’t heat up once plugged in ? Junk it ?


Check your breaker box.


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