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How do you fix a Kenmore 18" stand fan?

My Kenmore 18"stand fan has stopped working.At first you would turn it on and it would just turn slowly but now it just doesn't turn at all. I want to fix it because i've only had it 1 month plz help

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I had my Kenmore stand fan for 2 months before it died. We noticed that the plug said extra fuse and opened it, there was no fuse and no store in our area carries the size, amp, or volt we need (2.5 amp, 125V). Now I am on a hunt for the fuse online. Good luck.


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I'm sure it is covered under warranty, return it and get one that works.

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There is only a 30 days warranty and return on these low price items.


The Kenmore warranty site states that it is one year:



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Dirt. You need to clean and lubricate the motor bearings. Try the front one first, just behind the fan blades. WD-40 may work for a while, but the best fix is to disassemble and clean the bearings well.

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What about the fuse could it be a problem to or it is the moto bearings I only got it for a month I took it to jamaica for my mom.

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