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Nikon's Coolpix S4100 is a 14 megapixel photo and video taking camera with 5x optical zoom and a touch control LCD.

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How do I change the date on the camera?

My camera shows the wrong date and time. Can I change this? How do I find it in the settings?

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My date and time option is greyed out. How do I fix it? I've tried turning it off and on and taking out the batteries but it's still not working.


I have the same problem !


I had the problem that it was greyed out. I figured it out, you have to go into “sync with smart device” and set this to OFF. Otherwise it will only set the time/date by syncing. Once it’s off the time and date is available to select.


thank you very much, as i had the same thing as well!


Right on Fiona! Truly, you are the supreme!!


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Matthew Willis, it is outlined in the user manual. That is available right here

Block Image

Block Image

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This only works the first time you turn the camera on. How do you do it later?


annschunior this should remain as part of your settings unless you are having issues with your camera not retaining the info.


This worked for me.

1. take out the batteries

2. insert the batteries back

3. put in the SD card

4. press on/off button to turn on

5. press the play button (the one with the triangle)

6. press the "MENU" button

7. use the "Left-Right-Up-Down" controls to scroll to the spanner tab on the screen

8. scroll "Right" to the spanner menu

9. scroll "Down" to "Time Zone and date"

10. scroll "Right"

11. scroll to "Date and Time"

12. Scroll "right"

use the scroll keys to change the date and time as required

13. when finished press the "MENU" Button


This did not work for me with an L10. First, there is nothing defined as a "spanner tab" in the manual, so I have concerns about whether I am following the steps correctly. I scrolled to setup and scrolled right. I see "Date" not "Date and Time".

I scroll down to "Date" - I have tried both OK and scroll right, and get the same results. I get a menu with "Date" and "Time Zone" plus the apparently editable actual date and time set to default of 01/01/2007 00:00.

Here, scrolling up or down switches between Date and Time Zone, but I can't scroll up to the display of date and time. I have clicked OK and also scroll right both of which send me to Time Zone. Editing the Date and Time appears to be impossible.

The posting referencing "Sync with smart device" seems likely, except I can find no attribute in any of the menus or a reference in the L10 manual.

I'm stuck.


For the Coolpix W100 this worked for me: o n the Date and time screen one of the choices is "Sync with smart devise" Make sure it is turned "Off". You should then be able to change the date.


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Sounds like you'll have to do this twice a year! The procedure is pretty simple actually (after you turn on the device!)..

  1. Tap the bottom tab
  2. Tap the tool image (setup menu)
  3. Select the clock image (Time zone and date)
  4. From here you can edit the highlighted items (Day, Month, Year, Hours, Minutes) by tapping the up or down arrows!
  5. To apply the new setting, tap the "OK" button

You can even specify your home and travel time zones by following the instructions on page 149 of the user manual!

Hope that helps!

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bottom tab???


No clock image appeared. I only got choices of resetting file numbering, peaking, reset all and firmware.


no help have no bottom tab


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Tap the bottom tab.

Tap the tool image (setup menu)

Select the clock image (Time zone and date)

From here you can edit the highlighted items (Day, Month, Year, Hours, Minutes) by tapping the up or down arrows!

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