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Released in 2010 and 2011, the G73 is a series of gaming laptops from Asus. Model numbers include G73JH, G73JW, and G73SW. All versions use an Intel Core processor and dedicated graphics card.

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laptop powers up but dead screen

My asus G73s powers up but I have no screen stays black

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It could be a problem with static discharge , if so do the following.

1. Disconect the power cord

2. Remove the battery

3. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds , then release for 30 sec and then hold down for another 30sec

4. Plug in power ,replace battery and power on laptop.

If this causes no Joy try this.

Remove memory and reinstall one stick at a time, if there are more than 1 dimm of ram, try each stick in each slot one at a time to see if the memory is ok and to determine if one of the memory slots is bad.

Hope this helps

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Johnny, attach an external monitor and see if that display properly. If it does you most likely have a bad LCD. If it does not than you could have a while lot of different issues, like a bad GPU, bad BIOS etc. Start with the monitor and let us know what you get.

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I did but it doesn't work and we disconnect every thing except the VGA and MB and it was same issue.


Please, how do you power-up directly on an external monitor (on an ASUS G73S) with the internal monitor not working?

Thank you !


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