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The Apple TV is a digital media receiver designed by Apple and released on March 21, 2007

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How to connect Apple TV 1st generation with MacBook Pro

How can I connect Apple TV first generation with my mac book Pro?

I want to transfer movie fies from my Macbook to the hard drive of the Apple TV and store it permanently.

How can I do that?

Is there a way to physically connect the devices with a cable?

Is there a way to sync the new Macbook with the old Apple TV (remark: when I open the Apple TV via Itunes on my Macbook it only shows 'settings' and 'photos' but does not recognize any movies or gives me the chance to transfer movies.

Can anyone help with this problem

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Not sure if you're still interested but you can use a program called "CyberDuck" (https://cyberduck.io/) to access the contents of the AppleTV (1st Gen) hard drive. You can transfer media back and forth and make additional changes as well. There are also various third party programs such as those by FireCore and OSMC that will allow you to stream content and view a wide variety of media (flv, mp4, mov, avi etc) on your ATV1. I am currently using OSMC on my ATV1 using the linux based OSMC Kodi Krypton for my viewing needs. Keep in mind it will alter your ATV1 but you are able to reinstall the original OSX if you desire. Wouldn't hurt to check it out. I recommend OSMC. Google.

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Apple TV only serves as a media client, not a media server; it is not designed to hold movies or photos.

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unfortunately this answer doesn't help as it doesn't refer to apple tv first generation (which surely contains a hard disc drive)


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