Thinkpad t400 unusual startup with Bluetooth light on / Black Screen


I have recently dismantled my t400 to change memory stick, but when I put things back, it has been impossible to boot like normal ---

1. Normally Bluetooth light does not show, but here it shows

2. Normally there is only HDD boot sound, but here there are 2 different sounds of booting

3. Then the bright black screen comes up showing nothing, but I can hear windows 7 music

Then it will just be like that nothing on screen / no more sound...

Could you please tell me what's wrong and thank you so much for your help!


Please allow me to provide more details here:

I have 2 x t400s and exchanged screens last night. The other screen accessed both systems successfully, but still the Bluetooth thing is a mystery that happens on both machines and I think it should be my fault :

Because problems started when my old t400 changed motherboard, the bluetooth thing appeared on new motherboard. Then I bought another t400 (exactly the same model in fairly new condition) and tried to exchange memory stick, and the bluetooth thing happens again on new machine and moreover here I dont know why the new t400's screen went wrong...

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I would like to know if it is motherboard problem or more likely what is my fault in assembling.


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