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Das Huawei P8 Lite (Modell: ALE-L21) angekündigt im April 2015, verbindet Schönheit mit Schlichtheit. Seine professionellen Kameras ermöglichen es dir, selbst in der düstersten Umgebung natürliche und scharfe Fotos zu machen. Der Beauty Modus hebt die schönsten Seiten des Eigentümers in jedem Selfie hervor.

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Phone Microphone only works in calls but nothing else

Recently, my phone's microphone stopped working which means it doesn't record sound in videos or audio recordings and also doesn't work in apps. The only exception is phone calls where it does work. Why is this? This has happened a long time ago before and it fixed itself so I left this issue for a while but it's been about a month or so and still nothing has fixed! I need my microphone to work asap because I need to record videos WITH audio for my school project! Need help!

Note: I have tried rebooting my phone

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My p8 lite does not ring or play sound /alarm / music and it is one week old


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superelectrolizard ,

it is not software fault. your P8 having secondary mic (use for nice cancellation and voice and record sound with comparing. simply you can find it near the Headphone connector.

Here you can find teardown guide. check the mic contacts connected properly to logic board or replace the mic and see

as you mentioned on your question : not required to test primary mic as it works fine (bottom side mic)

Hope this answer will help you to understand the fault and fix it your self


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Buddy it seems like a software issue. Try factory reset but don't forget to take backup of your files. Mostly that should make it work!

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