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Where can I buy a replacement screen for my HP 10 2101

Where can I buy a replacement screen for my HP 10 2101 tablet

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Page 1 of the Service Manual provides the type of display used for your model. Page 8 shows the part number is: 782397-001.

I reviewed the HP Parts Surfer, but the part is unavailable through HP. They have a list of Authorized Parts Partners that you might be able to contact to purchase the part.

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Eternally grateful here as well. Mine was a gift from dearest pal.


Thanks for that info. I lost the manual long ago and frankly never read them anyways!! I guess I'll spend a day calling every place I can find. I really do love this tablet and and so bummed that it's not working because I rarely used it so it's like it's almost new except for the lcd. THanks again and keep your fingers crossed I find someone that can repair it.



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