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The Gateway MS2285 is a laptop in Gateway's NV53 Series. Key features include an AMD processor, 15.6" display, and 4 GB of RAM.

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Computer powers on but no display

My computer seems to power on but nothing shows on the display.

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Nothing works I took the battery out power supply and held the on button for one minute still did not wok or come on



What is the model number of the laptop if not the one shown on this page?

Does it show that it is charging when the charger is connected to it?


yes it is but black screen



What is the model number of the laptop,?

Does it boot into Windows but without a screen, i.e. is there a HDD activity light that turns on etc?

Try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen when the laptop is on to check if you can detect any images at all as it may be a screen backlight problem. They will be very faint if they are there

Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop and check if there is a display on it. Don't forget to press the appropriate functions keys to connect the external display.


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David Michaels, use an external display and see if it does display. If it does you most likely have an issue with you LCD. If it does not, it could be cause by a bad HDD , a bad motherboard or a bad BIOS. Remove the memory, the battery and the power supply. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds. then reinstall the minimum amount of memory and the power supply. Try a restart. If not then remove the memory and powering up the notebook to see if you get any error beeps. Let us know if you get anything. See if you can access your BIOS by pressing either the F1, F2, the ESC or F10 key while the Gateway is in the startup process. If you can see your boot option, set it to optical drive and insert a bootable disk. See if that brings the display back.

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How do you remove the memory on a gateway


@Patrick Sidoti

What is the model number of the computer?


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I've got a gateway NV53A that does the same thing. No vedio when I turn in on. Then I remembered a tech trick from training. Press F1 to drain the bios and then press the power button. Now I have desktop. But I still have to press F1 every time I boot. So I'm guessing I need a bios update.

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This worked for me, F1 plus power. Thanks


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