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The first Legacy was available at Japanese dealerships on February 1, 1989, with worldwide distribution starting in 1990.

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blown turbo possible blue smoke no boost

1994 Subaru rs legacy twin turbo. my Subaru is blowing a lot of blue smoke and has all of oil all of a sudden and not boosting . the turbo is making a metal on metal rubbing sound??? what could it be??? thanks.

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Sounds like the oil feed lines aren't feeding your turbos. These are usually held on with "banjo" bolts on top of the turbo. Look for oil leaks anywhere on the engine and make sure that the feed lines are clear.(usuallyy pretty easy and cheap to just replace the lines). Also make sure that you have enough oil in the engine and that your oil pump is working.

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Another thing to note is that if a turbocharged car is driven hard and then immediately shut off without giving the turbo time to cool at lower engine speeds oil will boil and "coke up" the passages in the turbo, making proper oil flow impossible. In addition to Joseph's answer, try an engine flush to dissolve that crud. If none of this works and the turbo still makes a grinding noise, it's probably torched. You'll likely have to replace it. Though if you have to yank it out, try flushing the oil passages on your workbench before ordering that replacement to see if you can get any particularly tough crud out.


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