The Sony CFD-8 is a portable CD Radio Cassette-Corder manufactured circa 1998. It is one of the earliest models in Sony's CFD series.

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Bad drive belt needs replaced

Where can I buy a drive belt for Sony CFD- 8?

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Try this link,

download pdf file, scroll to page 81.

Your model is listed with the appropriate belt number SCY5.2.

You may be able to order from the next link. Your model is not listed with them but they suggest you email them (the above info may be of help).

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wittsendiowa besides the great advice from jayeff you can also search by part number. Your belt is Sony part 3-362-989-01 and you will still find them at places like ebay etc. Biggest issues with belt is that they are difficult to find in single units. So you may have to buy a whole bunch of those.

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