My chev suburban milage odometer wont work what should I do please

how can I fix the milage odometer

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I would like to suggest that you do not go for the gauge assembly itself first. Your speedometer is ran by a mechanical cable, it goes down to your transmission. While it could be a number of things such as blown fuses relays etc.. the problem is likely to be caused by the cable, getting bent or kinked especially if you had some work done to it recently in that area. Where it enters the transmission is another common problem Spot, there's also a sensor on the transmission near the cable somewhere, and of course there's a small assembly inside the transmission the cable plugs into. I am not aware of how to change that out or if you even can from the outside of the transmission. If you need something just to tell you how fast your going a temporary, a very temporary fix might be to get a speedometer app from the Google store or the Apple Store there are several applications that are very accurate.


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