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The 2013 edition of the Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet by Amazon. A budget edition of the new Kindle line, with a lower screen resolution than the HDX, and lacking the 2012's camera. Released October 2, 2013.

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How much $ to replace a USB port?

I have a 2013 Kindle Fire HD 7" with a damaged USB/Charging port. It seems one of the five connection "teeth" inside the port was broken when the USB cable was forced into it upside down accidentally. I can't solder a new port into place myself. Can you replace it, and how much would you charge?

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I made a how-to youtube video for the repair, since all the ones I found were for different model years. Thanks again for your help. https://youtu.be/mYIm3pFKybs


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WilliamTR, sorry ifixit does not do repair. Here you can get lots of advice with your repair. On this model you will not have to solder. The port comes attached with a flex cable and is replaced as a complete unit. Check this teardown and see if it is something you could attempt. the part is available at places like this

Kindle Fire HD 7" 2013, 2nd Gen Charging Assembly Bild


Kindle Fire HD 7" 2013, 2nd Gen Charging Assembly


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I had opened it and saw that cable and wondered if it was just plugged in instead of soldered. I didn't have the nerve to start pulling on it before backing up as many files as I could, so I asked Amazon and they said it was soldered. Your reply is a bit of a relief, as for whatever reasons it's impossible to transfer progress from all my kid's games onto a replacement Kindle.

A replacement USB/charging port sells on Amazon for cheaper than the extended warranty plan and doesn't force me to throw away two years of my kid's building and progress in Minecraft, Terraria, etc on a replacement Kindle.

Thanks for your help. I'll let you know how my attempt at a repair turns out.


Dear oldturkey03,

I disconnected and removed the damaged port from my son's Kindle with ease! And I ordered the port from IFIXIT for much cheaper than the ones available from Amazon, so even better. In the meantime, I replaced it with the working port from my Kindle. So, his Kindle is usable immediately and when the new port arrives I'll just put it in mine. Thanks to your help, I'm strutting around like the DIY king of my castle. Hahaha! Thank you.


William TR to your kid you are the DIY King. Great feeling ;-)


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