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Das Galaxy SII ist ein Smartphone mit Android "Gingerbread" das von Samsung designt, entwickelt und vertrieben wurde.

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IC problem..how much is the cost to repair it

IC problem cant charge,cant power on

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Just it fallen down bt its nt swtchng on i askd my friend he said it cant repaired if mobile falls vl it b dead


my Samsung note 4 gallery you tube camera vediou stop after a few seconds what is the solution please help me.thanks imtiaz


i also clear data every thing you tube gallery you tube camera but my vedioues in all applications stop after a few seconds.please help me.

regards imtiaz


I have a galaxy 8plus .How much will it cost me to get the power ic fix?


I c problim and no signal


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actuallydrug228 not sure how you know for sure it is an IC issue. You did not tell us if you checked the battery, the charging port and even the charging cable. If you are 100% certain it is the power management IC, then you have to find a place that does those repairs. It is a BGA chip and not easy to replace. As for cost, ifixit does not do repairs. For that you will have to try and find someone in your geographic location that has the knowledge and the tools to replace it.

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Yeah im jst askng u sugesstion vl it get repaird i askd in repair center he said ic hd gne cant switch on mobile is dead


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It cost me MYR 350 for Samsung S7 Edge

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