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Black screen after digitizer replacement

I am fixing an IPod mini for a friend that dropped it, cracking the screen. Upon putting it back together I tested it before sticking the digitizer to the frame. At first the screen lit up, but only showed fuzz/vertical lines. I pulled the battery connector to reset and checked my screen connections. All looked well so I plugged the battery back in. When I did this the screen lit up, but is solid black, though you can see it light up. There are absolutely no icons, just the lit black screen.

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My understanding is that if you pull the LCD connector before disconnecting the battery, that creates a sudden drop in voltage which will correspond to a sudden increase in amperage which blows the filter. I know that you mentioned that you didn't have the iPad powered on, but in the work of removing the screen, you may have pressed the power button at some point?

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I'm pretty sure it's not the backlight, which obviously I could be wrong. The screen brightens up a ton now, just solid black with no picture. I never intentionally powered it up and am 98% sure I didn't unintentionally power it up.


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