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Why is pc not recognizing my iPhone, buttons problem

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Hello everyone, i got an iPhone 4S and it was reassembled, when i plug it to pc it wont detect iPhone nothing in device manager.. But when i turn off and plug usb in, iPhone turns on whats the problem ? I was reconnecting the dock maybe 2 - 3 times no luck..

And another question, lock button, volume up, down, silent switch is not working.

Thanks for answers.. :)

And sorry for poor English,

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before reassembly it was connecting fine.. :(


The lock button and volume up/down is all one assembly. It also contains the headphone socket. This assembly is one of the hardest parts to fit in the 4S, especially the lock button bit. You almost need 3 hands to fit it. ;-) I would suggest that you disassemble everything again and re-check your work. Especially as you say the phone is not being detected by the PC


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A usb connector is made of even smaller connectors. One of them is power and that seems to work according to your description. Have you tried with a different cable? There could be a short in the cable, specifically on the "data" wire.

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This cable works with ipod touch 4g, another iphone 4s, it`s an original one,

Before reassembly everything was worked fine pc was showing iphone,


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Hi. Try a different USB port on the PC or even a different PC if you have no luck with GD Solutions answer.

If the phone was disassembled, go back and check your Dock to logic board connector is seated properly. I.e, disconnect it and re-attach it. You can try it with the PC again without having to put the back cover screws back in. If still no joy, another thing to try is putting the phone into DFU mode.

In DFU mode the screen is blank and the device appears to be off, but iTunes detects it as an "iBoot recovery device" or similar and it can be restored in iTunes.

To get into DFU mode:

1) Connect the USB cable with the device powered on.

2) Hold Home+Power until the device resets (about 10 seconds)

3) As soon as the screen goes blank, release Power and continue to hold Home.

You have to be really quick about releasing power. If you did it right, the device should appear to be off (no Apple logo appears), but iTunes will ask you to restore.

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I forgot to add that you could have possibly damaged the docking port assembly during disassembly/reassembly (or worse) You could try fitting a new Dock port assembly.


I cant even go to the recovery mode, and the lock button is not working


Note: Recovery mode and DFU mode are not the same. You have either reassembled the phone incorrectly or you may have shorted out the logic board with a long screw in the wrong hole. Try removing the the logic board and then connect just the docking port to the logic board and then try connecting via the cable to a PC. If you are in luck the PC will "see" it and will chime and (if installed) iTunes will pop up. If its still dead then and you have tried all of the other suggestions then it may be that the logic board has died. It will have to go to someplace such as ipadrehab http://mendonipadrehab.com/ or similar.


after another reassembly lock button now works,


Brilliant! What about the other fault? Any change there?


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