GPS unit with 4.3" screen.

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Can you replace the battery easily?

The battery in my Nuvi barely lasts any time at all and with a finicky charger, this means it will tend to quit in the middle of a trip. I was able to sort of see the battery in the disassembly guide, but I was wondering if the connection is soldered on or if I could open it up and get a replacement, possibly even a bigger one. Anyone happen to know?

I only use it for long trips now where I want to conserve my battery on my phone so I may just bust it open and see anyway.

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Firstly, these devices are generally not meant to be serviced by consumers. That being said I have recently taken apart my Garmin Nuvi and found that the battery leads (colored wires) are soldered to the board. It is still possible to replace the battery but it will be more difficult and poses more risks than one that uses a connector.

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If you want to try opening it here's a guild that shows how to open without breaking it

Removing the Garmin Nuvi 1300 LCD touch Screen assembly

this guild is for replacing the screen but does get you into the battery. Hope it helps

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