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Apps and tasks are activated without touching the phone

Hi everybody,

After replacing my original screen assembly today, with the one ordered from iFixit, the phone is living it's own life. What I mean is that it changes between apps and entering to sub-menus without me physically pressing anything. Could that be the new screen? Does anyone had similar problems after changing a LCD screen assembly?

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Well it's definitely because you changed the display assembly. It could be that your digitizer socket cable isn't properly secured. You could try that, before you try warrantying your part with ifixit

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Hi iMedic,

I have tried today to mount again all ribbon cables, they do click-sound and they are properly in their socket. I also removed battery plug from the socket for about 2 minutes and put it back.

The phone still acts like that. I then installed back the old LCD assembly and everything is working just fine. So i need to send it back to you.


Yeah. Sorry to hear, you just got a bad display assembly. It can happen. See if ifixit is willing to warranty the part, and give you a new one


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