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Ein e-Book-Reader von Amazon. Er ist leicht zu reparieren, es werden nur Hebelwerkzeuge und Schraubendreher benötigt.

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I think my power port needs to be replaced

Hi, I am unable to charge my Kindle paperwhite because the charger will not sit in the power port. I think the connection in the port inside the kindle is broken. How do i repair or get it repaired?


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I also have the problem


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Hi brian,

Here is a link to the ifixit guide to repair the motherboard for the Kindle paperwhite. It is handy because it shows how to access the motherboard so that the USB port can be reached. It is visible in the image in Step.6 (the silver connector at the bottom of the board)

Kindle Paperwhite 1. Generation Hauptplatine austauschen

The USB is an SMD (surface Mounted Device) type USB connector. You will need the requisite tools and knowledge to remove/replace (or just re-solder) the connector.

Any reputable, professional mobile phone repair service should be able to do this for you. They should also give a guarantee for their work and of course are responsible for any damage incurred. Unless you take just the board and the part to them to get them to replace it. Just a thought. This may reduce the price of the repair

Here is a link to the replacement part for the Kindle. It is not a recommendation to use the seller. It is shown to give an idea of the price.


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Hello Sarvesh Sundaram,

I had the same issue this week with my iPhone 5s. All I had to do to resolve the issue was take a small pair of tweezers and remove the lint from inside the phone charging port. Granted your Kindle may not be a likely candidate for collecting lint but it is possible, and an easy fix if it works.

Best of Luck!


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mine is clearly loose .It can be engaged at some angles but wont hold


Its really disappointing that Amazon dont support the product sufficiently to refer us to suitable repair facilities in australia, Maybe they are too heavily into the throw away era and want us to buy replacements. Basically it sucks.!!


It's the same in the UK. I was offered a new paperwhite with a 15% discount, hardly an incentive. I was given no advice on how to repair the power port, the kindle won't charge.


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