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Die Neuauflage vom April 2014 von Apples MacBook Air 11" erhielt aufgefrischte Dual Core i5 und i7 Haswell Prozessoren und eine leicht verbesserte Akkuleistung.

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Why is my f3 key not working?

Three days ago, I clicked on the F3 key to change screens, but it didn't work. I continued till today. I thought that the button isn't reaching the receptor, but when I checked it out, it turned actually to touch the receptor. I really need help.

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I'm about to ask a REALLY stupid question here, please don't be offended. Have you tried holding the 'fn' key and then pushing the f3? Sometimes the settings will default the 'f' keys to do their alternate function.


by the way, my answer is gonna much more stupid "No"!


Did it work?


byt he way it did work thank you shmajay


Glad I could help, the simple little things get all of us!


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I think you're not believing hard enough. Just believe! Believe in that F3 key!

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