received error - now tablet will not go past acer screen.

I forgot what error showed up but when it did, it was stuck in a report/ok cycle. I think it may have been a major internal error.

I tried to do a power / volume reset that didn't work, so I did a hard reset with the reset button on side.

Now the screen will not go past the acer start up. Once it went to iconia but had to restart.

I need to find out if there is a way that I can diagnose what's wrong with it without having to spend a lot of money for someone to tell me it can't be fixed.

I also would like to find out more information about about the usb reboot or even using the micro sd to either determine whats wrong and / or fix the tablet.

I love this tablet and I would hate to throw it away without trying to fix it.

thank you.

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