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An internet tablet apart of Archos Generation 8 line. It was released in 2010 until 2011. Model Number: 70b

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Why is the touch screen unresponsive?

My Archos 70b screen stopped responding to my touches, when the screen does respond the response time is very slow. Do I have to replace the screen or is there another way to reset the device?

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Why isnt. Archos tablet touchscreen


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You can't replace the screen, so you may have to try resetting the device. You can simply hold the reset pinhole using a needle or a toothpick for 10 seconds. If that doesn't work then you can try going into the Recovery System and selecting the Force Touchscreen Calibration. You can get into the recovery screen by

-Turn off the tablet and wait 10 seconds.

-Press and hold the volume + button while powering on the tablet.

-Keep the volume + pressed until the Recovery Mode has started (White Screen).

-To move from option to option, use the volume buttons and press the ON/OFF button to select the option.

After that select the touchscreen calibration and follow the instructions. That should fix all the issues you are having.

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I have the same problem.

I replaced the touch screen, but the tablet is still unresponsive.

I tried to enter recovery mode but there is no Tochscreen calibration option. What can I do?


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I've got the same problem on my Archos Neon 90b... the touchscreen is unresponsive. I already tried to access to the recovery mode but as I get no response from the screen I can't select the "wipe data/ factory reset" option.

Is there another solution to reset the tablet

Or most of all to get the Screenshots working correctly again?

Thank you for your help

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Hi @isablm ,

Not sure if this will work but you haven't got much to lose (or have you?)

Try connecting a USB mouse via an appropriate OTG (On The Go) adapter cable and use the mouse to navigate through the tablet.

Make sure that the tablet's battery is fully charged as it will be supplying power to the mouse.

If it does work you can go the the Settings > Backup and Reset folder area of the tablet and perform a backup of your data.

After this you can go the Factory Data reset and perform the reset from there.

Good luck


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