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Angekündigt am 22. Oktober und erschienen am 13. November 2013. Das iPad mini 2 bringt die Pixelanzahl des iPad Air auf nur 7,9 Zoll unter.

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iPad mini 2 screen replacement - have I done wrong?

Hi all,

Firstly, sorry for joining up solely to ask this question but I need some advice before ordering parts.

My 15 month old niece broke my sister's iPad mini 2 LCD. Typical. The digitizer was completely intact with just the LCD being broken, so I set to taking it apart. First time trying to repair an Apple product.

The digitizer came off with the usual battle of glue and stickyness, but this also fell off with it. There is a magnet, and something else (no idea what to even call it) - I'm concerned this may be part of the outer flex for the digitizer.

The digitizer is otherwise still intact. Do I need to order a replacement for this? Did I break it or can whatever this is be binned? What are the magnets for and where do they live?

Any help would be appreciated.


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The magnets are important. You need to transfer them to the new digitizer.

Take a look at step 45 here: iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi Front Panel Austausch

They are magnets for the Apple Smart Cover.

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