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This phone (model NV251 by LG), was offered by Verizon Wireless beginning in July of 2011. It is a low cost option with a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

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Low outgoing microphone volume when making a call

When I make a phone call people say they can hardly hear me low volume.

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Hi ,

I face the same problem as mentioned by jfire 1050 ..

But im using lg g7 thinq paired with lg hbs920 .. incoming audio sounds i should say very good but when making or receiving a call all of them says they cant hear me clearly … Anyone able to assist


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You may wish to check the following setting in your phone

Voice Clarity

This feature allows you to set the phone to automatically adapt to noisy environments by

adjusting the audio levels to improve speech intelligibility.

1. From standby mode, press OK


2. Press Key 9 Settings & Tools.

3. Press Key 6 Sounds Settings.

4. Press Key 8 Voice Clarity.

5. Use the Directional Key to scroll to On or Off, then press OK

See page 83 of the user guide. Here is a link:


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Hi @ Fat Joe,

Has the setup ever worked correctly?

The following are just some suggestions to try to narrow down the cause of the problem.

Pair the the headset to another phone that supports Bluetooth headsets and check if it works OK or not. This is to prove whether the problem may be with the headset or your phone.

If the problem is with your phone has it got the latest firmware installed?

Here's a link to the downloads webpage

Type LG G7 in the search box and then scroll to select your model.

Once you are on the webpage for your exact model scroll down to find the update link for your phone and follow the instructions on how to update the firmware.

If it needs to be updated, update the firmware and check if it now works OK.

If it still doesn’t work properly, try starting the phone in safe mode (should be the same procedure for any model variant) and check if it works OK when in safe mode.

If it does then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one.

If the problem is with the headset, it may be a faulty microphone or microphone connection in the headset.

Here’s a link to the ifixit LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 Battery Replacement guide which may be of some help. I realize that it is not your exact model or problem but it shows how to open the headset to gain access to the components.

Here’s a link to a video that shows what the microphone may look like once you have the headset open. At least you can check the connections to the board. Again it is not for your model but it may still be of some help.

How old is the headset? There is a limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the headset so if it is within the warranty period contact LG regarding a warranty repair, replacement or refund.

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12 month warranty 1 to 1 exchange at Lg Service Centre .. To factory reset your phone will solve the problem .. Case to case basis.. Mine when paired with others works good .. Basically they change mine with a brand new headset .. Warranty covered because its 9 months

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