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Support für Gateway Desktop-Computer. Gateway ist jetzt Teil von Acer und alles Neue von Gateway wird von der Acer-Gruppe unterstützt.

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How do I swap hard drive from a Compac to gateway desktop

Steps on how to swap a hard drive from a Compac to Gateway desktop

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Gary Reeves Sr what model Compaq and Gateway are you looking at? Do you have a model number on either one of the hard drives?


The gateway is a dx4860-ub32p desktop, it has no hard drive. The Compaq I have to chk the model.


Compaq model is CQ5320Y


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Assuming it is an SATA compatible drive, remove the drive from the compact, attach it to an adapter or use and external enclosure, use your disk utility to reformat it and install a system. Drop it in.

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If you intend for the hard drive to run you OS then you will need to format and reload you OS after the switch. the system wont work from one to the other.it will only work on identical systems. however if you are using the hard drive for storage only and not trying to run an OS from them then simply swapping them in as an auxiliary drive is fine making sure to activate them in drive management . heres an instructional video on the hardware end


Hope this helps

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