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Der eMac war ein alles-in-einem, auf G4 basierender Mac, der für den Bildungsmarkt konzipiert wurde. Es war der letzte Mac, der über ein CRT Display verfügte, und er wurde zu günstigen Preisen an Schulen und andere Einrichtungen verkauft.

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replacement of the power button

need to replace power button anyone can help with schematic diagram?

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Mach dein iPhone so gut wie neu mit unseren Fix Kits.

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Here's a list of the eMacs. Just click on the one you have to get a diagram of the parts: http://www.welovemacs.com/emsepa.html

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I am including a link on taking your emac apart. To replace the power button you need only to remove the case. +



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Please be extremely careful when opening eMac.

NEVER touch anything above the Digital Assembly without one hand safely behind your back (thought the ONLY thing you should be touching in the Analogue Assembly is the power connector on the right side of the unit).

I'll gladly assist in the eMac's burial (I've had about enough cuts repairing these things!) but I don't have a hole big enough for you too!

eMac power buttons seems to have a habit of deformation as they age; poor repair technique can also contribute to early death. If you haven't done so already remove the back housing. Note: when removing the rear housing, slowly lift the rear housing. Reaching from the Digital Assembly side up to the power button, remove the low voltage power cable from the power button. Remove the rear housing.

Inspect the power button for deformations of the metal support and any foreign objects that could be interfering with operation. If no defects are apparent very carefully remove the button from the acrylic housing for further inspection. Obviously this is a very simple module; if you have more TLC than green to burn you might be able to repair it.

Good luck and BE CRT SAFE!

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