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Hidden BIOS menu?

Awrite man got a question aboot MA laptop its a Samsung 3 series model number NP370R5E-A05UK and I was wondering if you know or could find out how to access the hidden Intel menu in the BIOS ? I know for older models there were hotkeys to press when inside the BIOS to open this menu up but can't see much aboot it online for this model

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And what is the solution? I don’t see it.


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On older intel boards there was a hidden bios for overclocking your board but this was only on intel boards and was discontinued for obvious reasons. You actually have to have a specific board to do this and the hot keys are as follows once in the bios go to the boot page and press the windows key ,o and c all at once then reboot to the bios it should come up with an extra section in the bios, This setting is to give access to ram speed only and will allow you to overclock the ram speed. Most newer boards have this option open but its only for higher end boards . Remember this was only on a few select boards. If it doesn't work then your board probably doesn't support this Hope this helps

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hey this works on my intel board , didn't know I could do this and have no reason to do it but its nice to know I can


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Just plug a desktop keyboard. And hit f2 while powering on.

Jst that simple

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if nothing works your software may be the problem (like win 10 dosen't let me do that....i need to enter advanced reboot in win 10)

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Things is I can turn laptop on press f2 to take me to the BIOS but then I don't know how to bring up the Intel chipset menu . I can see the very basic BIOS but I know there is a hidden menu . some guys on a forum were saying press fn and NumLock then fn and f9 and fn and caps lock or something . but that was for the previous models


Also I have windows ten . how do I enter advanced reboot ?


Just to clarify its to access the Intel chipset menu to set the amount of video ram I can have


oh now i have no idea i'm not pc technician


isn't that menu hidden in BIOS menu? that as far as i can help i think


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