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Tickle Me Elmo is a children's toy from Tyco-Preschool, based on the character Elmo from the children's television show Sesame Street. It was introduced in the United States in 1996.

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No giggling only rolling over

10th Anniversay Elmo Fisher Price, rolls over well but giggling stopped years ago, toy still excellent as it was my sons, he's now 28, would love to fix ready for any grand children coming.

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Most likely the wire is disconnected from the speaker, the fix itself would be simple, the biggest problem would to get into Elmo and afterwards restore it.

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Actually, it's not that easy reattaching wires. Fix one up, another breaks. The other problem is "skinning" Elmo. Other than for the legs, that seems to be a cut and then resew job. Pity the manufacturer did not provided a repair kit and manual.


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Thank you for that, will try and investigate that part and figure out how not to destroy it in the process. Thank you once again - will let you know if solved.

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