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Released July 2012, model number MB886 was the third model in Motorola's Atrix lineup. Here you will find a full tear-down of the Motorola Atrix HD from battery to motherboard.

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Can I replace a cracked screen?

If I crack my screen will I be able to repair the device myself?

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The screen happens to be the most common item damaged on the Atrix HD, and there is some good news for those who find themselves in this situation. If the screen is cracked, replacing it can be done with just a few tools, patience, and a good replacement guide. You'll need to supply the patience, but this link will provide you with the other information you'll need to assemble a tool kit, and replace that cracked screen!

Motorola Atrix HD Touchscreen and LCD Replacement

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depends on your experience with electronic device repair, it looks pretty straight forward, no soldering, no heat guns, no special tools, if you never done this kind of repair i would look for other broken devices and practice on something you dont use daily

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