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New screen - same problem (doesn´t react)

Dear Ifixit Users,

- a week ago the screen of my Iphone 4 (not s ;)) froze.

-I thought the touchscreen was broken because a RESET i did didn´t change anything,

- I ordered a new screen

- installed it.

- Screen works, shows images, I see the "reset image",

- but the problem that the screen does´t react still exists.

Same as with old screen. :(

Does anybody know a trick I haven´t tried jet?

Any idea what else could be broken?

grateful for any ideas,


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Well.. I would back it up to iTunes. Then do a restore. My guess, your phone doesn't have enough free space to be able to do anything

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Hello dear all,

thanks for the tip, iMedic.

despite I already backuped the phone I tried to empty it completely as iMedic said.

Doesn´t work, because I cannot enter the SIM PIN, so Itunes cannot access the phone. Without SIM it won´t connect either.

G-R-E-A-T !

Oh man.... :(


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No idea anybody?

phone -----> trash?

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