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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Acer Aspire V5, a series of laptops on the Windows OS by Acer.

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Acser Aspir V5 Factory restore

Hi I have uploaded windows 10 and having problems, I have tried to restore my laptop to the factory setting pressing Ctrl Alt F10 and it will not work ?

Can anyone give me some guidance please

thank you

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You need Windows install CD first. If you have that then follow the option given below.

1. Insert Windows installation Disk

2. Go to Boot order through Boot Menu by press F2/F8/F9/F10/F12. (many brand by default option is F2 /F10).

3. Select Boot Priority to CDROM.

4. Press Any key to Start message will appeared.

5. Follow the instruction by windows.

6. After complete installation install Driver.

7. Thats all.


Happy Learning !

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Can this be done without Windows install CD ?


I had a different hard drive with windows 7 on so I put in in my computer and the message was operational system error ?


You need insatalltion CD or instalation file .iso image


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