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Das Galaxy SII ist ein Smartphone mit Android "Gingerbread" das von Samsung designt, entwickelt und vertrieben wurde.

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How to transfer data from a dead phone?

i was hearing music and my phone suddenly died without any reason it was charged well and i put it on charger for 2 hours but it didn't work i tried to transfer data using my phone explorer app and mobilego but both didn't work how can i transfer my data to the computer?

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How to Backup Data from Samsung to PC

Android Manager is an excellent transferring tool that you are allowed to backup and restore your Android data easily. Some of its features are listed as follow:

1. It is compatible to almost every Android phone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc.

2. Android Manager enables you to backup almost every data type, contacts, videos, music, photos, applications.

3. The steps to operate the transferring process are simple that within only 4 steps, you can have all data that you want back.


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Actually, there're many android data transfer apps could transfer data between android device and computer. You just need to connect your phone to computer, then the app would detect your phone automatically, but you needto have enabled usb debugging on your phone, or the app can't detect your phone data.


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Actually, there're many special designed android data backup apps could transfer everything between your phone and computer, you can connect your two phones to computer separately to transfer data between them.


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