Help trying to see what is wrong! Mother board or Circuit board?

My daughter spilled some sprite on my laptop on the way home from our vacation. Not sure how much just that my bag was damp & my lap top would not turn on. I took it apart & did not see any liquid spots, none of it was sticky. I still cleaned it & put it back together & it still would not turn on. I think it was still on in my bag when the sprite was spilled so I am worried it is either the circuit board or mother board. I was able to take the hard drive off & get the info from it but I would like to fix my computer. How can I tell if it is the mother board or circuit board that needs replacing? It is a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520. PS I am no computer tech this is literally the 2nd time I have ever taken one apart so the more details you can give me the better. Thanks!!

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