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Das Sony Xperia Z3 Compact kam im September 2014 auf den Markt.

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My Primary call mic is not working


The Mic on my z3c is not working. I did a factory restore, even did the diagnostic and no cookie.

I disabled ok google and all that jazz. The phone is under warranty but the service center guys are refusing to consider it as the back panel is damaged and plan on charging me for the back panel and mic replacement which is completely unfair as the two had nothing to do with each other.

What do I do?

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2 Antworten

You need to solder a new mic on the mainboard.

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Did you ever try to open the back panel by yourself? If yes, they would consider that you have broken the phone and made the phone warranty void. Since the mic is soldering on the motherboard, and it is hard to replace by DIY repair work, it is better to ask for the professional for help.

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