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The HP Pavilion dv3, released April 2009, is part of HP's dv series. The dv3 may have various options for specific components, but comes standard with a 13.3 inch screen and weighs 5.5 pounds. The dv3 is easy to disassemble, due to its simplistic internal layout, and will most likely just require a screwdriver or two.

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Dual Graphics Card Black Screen Issue

I have dual graphics laptop.Recently i just reinstalled my OS,when i install my intel hd graphic card driver the display is working properly but then when i install my second graphic card driver and that is Ati/Amd the display just gone black.i tried a couple of things but it just won't do it.By the way,I got the drivers from the laptop's manufacturer site.

Somehow i did try installing the latest driver i got from amd site,went well at first but it became laggy and keep restarting after the window log on.I havent found any solution for this problem so please help me i will really appreaciate your kindness and also forgive me if something is wrong with my english..A really big thank you for those who's helping

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I have the same problem, with the added headache that whenever I turn my laptop on it insists on installing the driver did the AMD card, no matter whether I disable it uninstall it via Device Manager. As soon as that installation is finished the screen just blacks out, and to get into the system I have to reboot into safe mode, which only runs the onboard Intel video card. I'm assuming the AMD video card has failed or become unseated, and is therefore unusable but my system still thinks it's there and wants to use it. I'm going to open her up later to see if the AMD card just needs re-seating, otherwise the only option seems to be to physically remove it after installing/disabling it in DM, and to fit a new card.

I'm no tech wizard, and have mostly come to this point through trial and error, with the help of the odd forum post, but this is the best I can imagine, as far as fixing the problem goes.



Can you disable the AMD graphics in BIOS? Just to see it it stops requesting driver on boot.. Then can you nominate which graphics card you want to set as 'primary' card? If you can boot without amd request then maybe you can re enable amd and see if it boots with request for driver which maybe you can then install without it wanting amd to be the 'primary' card. Are you running Win 10?


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If you go into safe mode and uninstall the Intel Graphics, It will automatically reinstall when you reboot. Boot back into safe mode and disable it...This will disable the on board Intel Graphics and allow you to use the AMD Card.

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