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Der Mac Pro ist ein von von Apple Inc. hergestellter Intel Xeon-basierter Desktop Computer. In den meisten Konfigurationen ist der Mac Pro der schnellste Computer, den Apple anbietet. Er ist einer von drei Desktop Computern im aktuellen Macintosh Angebot.

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SSD Aura Pro 6G


My name is Colin Camp. I have a macpro using a flash SSD Drive - I think it's a aura pro 6g - it's not the type Flash ssd drive in mac air but close- the connector is slightly bigger- in any event- I need to pull it out of my system b/c lightning hit my house and killed my mac-

I tried to install it in my mac air but like I said- the connector is slightly different so it won't work- I have usb / enclosures which are great for sata drives but I don't have any adapters that will accept these type drives ( ssd- flash ).

is there an adapter / enclosure that I can purchase so I can plug it in to retrieve my data because I'm sure its all there. I wish I had a mac pro similar to this one but I don't= thanks

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Can you clarify the make and model of your SSD (take a picture or two so we can see it, post them in your question using the edit function) Also, please give us your systems serial number so we can correctly identify which model you have. This will give us the needed info to help you.


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Check here: Other World Computing

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This is what you're looking for:


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