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Model A1225 / Mitte 2007 und Anfang 2008 / Core 2 Duo Prozessor mit 2,4 /2,8/3,06 GHz

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Power up screen shown but restart over and over again by itself.

iMac 24 /2.8/2x1G/500/SD/WM/FRA , P/N: Z0E4002PN; Model# A1225; EMC:221

Problem: Screen start to blanking, Try to restart it by pressing power switch. Yes, it power up but hanging at initial screen and then when the processing bar reach 3/4 ; it restart by itself over and over again.

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I wrote a longer, more detailed reply but iFixIt's stupid auto moderation system flagged it as spam. Anyway, your hard drive is likely either corrupted or damaged. Turn the computer off, turn it back on and immediately press and hold the D key to boot Apple Hardware Test. Run the diagnostics to test the hardware. If the hard drive fails replace it. If it doesn't find a hard drive replace it.

Next, shut down the computer again and start it up. This time, press and hold Command and R to boot recovery mode. Google Apple Recovery Mode for info on how to re-install OS X. Even if you have a TimeMachine backup of your Mac don't restore that now - do a full new reinstall, then use Migration Assistant to restore from Time Machine.

If Recovery Mode doesn't work either the hard drive is corrupted or damaged. Get access to another Mac and use the App Store to download OS X. Google "create OS X boot USB" for info on how to create a USB Boot Disk from that downloaded file that you can then use to re-install OS X on your iMac.

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Thanks a lot . Trying now..


Tried Recommend steps #1: hold "D" key when power up, #2: hold command & "R" key when power up all no joy. #3: created a OSX boot USB then hold "option" key when power up the screen shows original HD, recovery HD, OSX El Capitan, & time machine drive. Tried to boot up by selecting original HD and recovery HD one by one all same. Tried boot from OSX boot USB the processing bar stuck at 2/3 then auto shutdown by itself. tricky..


Press "option" key when power up , on screen shows mentioned 4ea Drive. But slelect either one of them all unable to boot up to Login screen. Next step would be reseat hard drive to see how it goes.


Check your USB thumb drive on another system to make sure it's working correctly (holding the option key when booting up). If it works on the other system, your system has a deeper problem (likely needs a new logic board).


Dan, thanks the tips. Tried the USB thumb drive on a Macbook and it works .


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This is usually caused by corruption to the operating system. That may have happened by chance or it may be caused by a failing hard drive. You should try re-installing OS X. To do so, when you turn your computer on hold down the Command and R buttons on your keyboard. It should bring up the recovery OS if it's installed on your drive. From there you can restore from Time Machine or re-install OS X. See Apple's documentation for more info.

To check the hard drive you have a few options. The first thing to try is your Mac's built in Apple Hardware Test. To start it follow these instructions from Apple. If that doesn't work for some reason you can try a program that can create a boot disk (CD/DVD or USB) with diagnostic tools. Commercially there's MicroMat's TechTool ProToGo which I've used and liked, but it is $100. Alternatively, you can get similar results using a Linux boot disk and something like smartmontools to run SMART tests on the disk. That won't isolate every problem but it does work for a lot of them. Any boot disk should let you install smartmontools if it's not already installed but Stress Linux is one that works well,

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