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How can I remove a stripped screw from Optical Drive mount?

I went an bought a caddy for a HDD to replace the Optical drive in my MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2012. Everything went fine until I came to a screw which was completely stripped. Every other screw came out fine. The screw was on a piece of black plastic covering the last screw on the Optical Drive. I have tried some of the already suggested answers to this however none worked. The ones I did not try were hammering and using a Dremel, for obvious reasons. Slicing a whole in the screw is not possible as it is in a rather deep hole. I have no Idea what to do as this is the only thing preventing me from completing this upgrade.

I really hope someone can help me with this. I also saw another suggestion of using brute force however that is anther one I am not willing to try.

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There are three screws that hold the drive in place, see step #9 of this guide, which one are you having problems with? MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mitte 2012 optisches Laufwerk austauschen

The problem of tight screws can be daunting. I've found that a better driver helps. The problem of pressing down hard and turning a normal driver strips the screw sometimes. This driver allows you to both press down hard with one hand and turn with the other as the cap turns. So you can press down with the palm of one hand and turn with the other. Phillips #00 Screwdriver

Phillips #00 Screwdriver Bild


Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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It is the 3.9mm Phillips screw in step 8. That is the one which is completely stripped.


This is what I use for an exposed screw, you might try a small needle nosed plier. Screw Extracting Pliers


There is no space for Screw Extracting Pliers at this location, he needs to "Dremel" the top of the screw and use pliers to remove the remaining part of the screw AFTER removing the plastic assembly.


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I once had a similar problem with a completly worn out phillips screw in a Fujitsu ESPRIMA laptop ... I asked a friend to help me removing this screw.

He used a method similar to what you call the "Dremel", although he used a DIY crafted device for drilling the screw.

The trick is not to drill into the case below the screw but only into the thicker part of the screw until you reach the slimer thread and the thicker part falls off.

Then you can remove the component from the case and use pliers to get the remnant of the thread of the screw out of the case.

Before you do that on the "real" worn out screw with a Dremel yourself, I suggest that you TRAIN it with screws of similar size in something which doesnt cost as much as a MBP Upper case ;P

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