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Reparaturinformationen und Fehlerbehebung für den Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 Laptop-Computer.

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bluetooth is no longer in my laptop

I have been using Bluetooth on my Dell Inspiron N5010 but yesterday, I realised the icon was no longer there. I have searched through out the laptop to find it but was unsuccessful. My phone detects it as Dell wireless 365 Bluetooth module when I deleted it and searched for it, but I can't communicate with it. pls what should I do?

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Have a look under "msconfig" to make sure that the Bluetooth driver is still set to start up with Windows upon launch.

Also, make sure that the driver is still actually installed and runs correctly; this can be done under device manager.

Another note, if you're using a Bluetooth adapter, ensure that the USB adapter is plugged into the port that it was installed on.

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