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The Nokia Lumia 920, developed by Nokia and released in November 2012, utilizes Windows Phone 8 operating system.

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Lumia 920 Phone stuck , switched off and not turning on now...!

Hi !

Last night while i was using my phone wifi ...it got stuck and i reset it (soft reset) then it got stuck again and again , i reset it again used for few minutes and it happened again.. then after it is not turning on now, it looks like dead phone ..

i tried hard reset , soft reset again and again , connected charger , usb cable , but nothing happened on screen .. it looks like dead ..black screen ..

what should i do???

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i do every think for on lumia 920. but still in dark condition. actually today i repalce the sim card and broken my sim jicket and my cell is going to sleep and not awaking. plz help me


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This link may be of some help to you. Be aware that you may lose all your downloaded apps and user data.


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This is not working. Phone is off . It is not detecting the phone ..



Leave the charger connected for 1-2 hours see if it starts to charge.


i tried last night to charge with original adapter and it works , it is charged and working now but it is slow ...



What is slow? Just turning on or Apps, if so all or just one, internet using phone network, wifi?

You may wish to back up your phone and the do a 'hard reset' Here is a link



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I have 2 older Nokia 920 ‘s both of them were dead and tried everything what i could find how to solve that problem ,tried to charge wiyth regular charger and nothing worked until I used a 5V/ 3amp with a wireless/magnetic? charger and both came back to life .

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