Digitizer registers false touches

Well, I apparently jumped the gun when I said the screen works well after replacing: LCD dead after hit, no visible damage

In fact, the screen works indeed, it's the digitizer which went haywire. It started ok but after a few days it reads more and more ghost touches or quite opposite, do not react at all. Each time I have to switch the screen off/on, which fixes the things for a few minutes. I installed an app to visualize what touches it registers and apparently, it reads plenty of false touches on the top edge of the screen. As a result, OS evaluate these readings as various gestures, closing apps, deleting emails, etc, making phone unusable. This video shows how each touch creates ghost touches, all of them on the top edge: http://ulozto.net/xan9wckd/win-20160106-...

I never saw anything like that, and I replaced some screens already. Does anybody know what could be the reason for that?

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