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Light powers on, but water does not heat

Aroma AWK-125S Electric Kettle

A while ago myAroma electric kettle from target stopped working- if I flip the switch the light powers on, but it does not heat the water. I'm presuming the heating element has failed- does anyone know anything about taking apart kettles and obtaining/replacing the components? Also any other ideas of what it could be- like a blown fuse that would be an easy fix? I know nothing about these kettles so at a loss here.

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Do you have it disassembled? Most likely a thermistor acting as a fuse. If you have it apart, post some images with your question.


not yet... are there guides out there to electric kettle teardowns? haven't found any, all forums are just saying chuck it, but &&^& that man... if nobody has anything in a day or so I'll take a crack at it and post pics


I hear you on that. I am all for giving it a shot. I'll check local garage sales and Goodwill stores and see if I can come up with something.


I'll probably take a stab at this on tuesday when I have time. Will post updates ofc


I have my kettle lit up but wont heat. I already dismantled the parts and see if there is any wiring connection or lost contact but it seems none.

Anybody has an experience or idea about this? Thank you!


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So I finally found time today to take it apart, and saw nothing immediately wrong with it- in true repair form, the kettle magically worked again after my taking it apart and putting it back together again. I'm guessing probably a faulty lead or something, don't know for certain, but at least I have tea.

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What tools did you need to take apart? Was it the base or the kettle with the problem?


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