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Carb is throwing gas and wont Idle

1976 Monte Carlo

My Monte is in the garage for the winter and I like to start it from time to time Just to keep the oil moving while its sitting . Today when I started it it chocked and puked a few times and ran with help on the throttle but wouldn't idle just puked a out a lot of gas . It has s 650 holly double pumper . Any Ideas as to whats going on.

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Try taping the float bowel till the pins let loose and the floats re-float. This happens when you don't put stabilizer in your fuel and your engine sits for extended periods. The ethanol in the fuel causes a green sludge build up in the carb that makes the float pins stick . give the float bowels a tap with hammer not hard you just want to free them up . you may want to pull that pumper apart an clean the jets and needles and the float bowl reservoir. Hope this helps

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Tap trick worked and I decided to put a carb kit on it so i cleaned it out and you were right about the green scale. I'll have to remember to use a fuel stabilizer after this.


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