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The Oster model BVST-EK5967 is a digital electric kettle produced under the Oster brand.

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Why is not working

why is stop working .it use to be working in good condition

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Try replacing the fuse. Here's how: Oster Digital Electric Kettle BVST-EK5967 Thermal Cutoff Fuse Replacement

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I have this exact model, and it was not the fuse that blew, it was a green diode. Do you have all the part numbers so I can find a suitable replacement? The diode is badly blown so I cannot read it.


I don't have a clue where that is, never seen one. How about a photo?


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The usual problem with this kettle is that the relay stops working.

Even though the relay makes the clicking sound but once you remove it and test it you'll see that the switch doesn't close. The Part number is NT75-1A. You can replace it with an American made relay that should last longer.

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