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A1418 / EMC 2833 / Ende 2015 / 3,1 GHz Core i5 oder 3,3GHz Core i7 Prozessor. Erscheinungsdatum 13. Oktober 2015.

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Can an iMac have a dual SSD?

Hi hi at all,

I have a iMac with fusion drive, my question is, can I replace the HDD for a SSD? i.e. can the iMac have two SSD?

Thank you.

Update (01/14/2016)

Thanks, but, to add the SSD sata for de HDD, have I to break the fusion drive (SSD pcie)? two SSD (SSD sata and SSD pcie of the fusion drive) can be in a Imac or not?

Is that break the SSD of fusion drive is much more difficult that only change the SSD for the HDD.

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Correct! You will need to break the Fusion Drive set and leave the SSD drives independent. Which is also a good reason to go with the external solution. You can not have a dual SSD Fusion Drive set. A dual SSD would confuse the OS which is why it won't work.


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Yes, you could exchange out your SATA 2'5" HD for a SSD.

Be aware the 'Thin Series' iMacs are a bear to open and you could damage the display in the process if you are not careful!

Frankly, I would recommend instead getting an external Thunderbolt SSD/HD setup. It will be faster than the internal SATA port. The other option here is to break the Fusion drive set and make the SSD your boot drive only having your OS on it.

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